making content

that people like*

*and not just your mum

what I can do for you


Think of me as the person you call when you’re lost in the stormy sea of digital doom

When results aren’t happening the way you thought they would – or you’re struggling to deal with the number of enquires you’re getting now that your social media is taking off.

Even if you just have no flipping clue what to do


A successful strategy is only good if it is as unique as you and your business.

Good engagement isn’t something that happens. I work with you to integrate the right strategy for you and your brand.

Your company and challenges are unique—your strategy will be too.


Digital content is vital for all businesses online.

I can plan, write, photograph and execute killer content that speaks volumes about who you are.

Then I add some digital glitter, stick a unicorn stamp on it so it gets noticed.


You have invested resources into creating fantastic content for your brand.

However, without an effective content distribution strategy, your creative efforts will be in vain.

This is where my social media ‘content distribution’ comes in to play

who am I?

A digital marketer and process engineer with 15+ years under my belt. I can do pretty much anything that you see online and a big chunk of stuff in the real world too.

I love, love, love helping business owners build their brand and make strong friendships with their customers or clients or audience – whatever the cool kids are calling it these days.

shannon morrison.
digital guru

ring ring, why don’t you give me a call

I love a good yarn

Can’t wait to browse the new site and check out everythign in detail – cool, let’s get personal. We can start with a chat about how I can help you and then take it from there

26 Invermay Grove,
Rosanna, VIC 3084

(+61) 0429 191 179

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