find your people, be your self

build everything around that

LIke, what do you even do…?

Kick back, it’s story time

Build a website, set up a Facebook page and the money comes rolling in. Right?

Nah, not even close.

Building a business that stands out online is flipping hard work. Making sure you get a return on the cash you put into it is just as much work as actually running your business. Between the blogs and the ads and the follows and posting and the building of the website it takes up any amount of time that you have to just be you.

When do you have time to scratch your own ass?

And who knows if you’re even doing it right?

I don’t just focus on the ‘things’ – I look at your entire business set up and help position you so that your digital footprint brings in the clients and builds your brand.

I put the the You in supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Who even are you?

Hey hey, this is me… I am totally waving at you right now. Welcome – glad you’re here.

I’m not going to go into huge detail about myself because no one likes a show off.

But reeaalllyyy quickly – I’m a digital marketer and process engineer with 15+ years under my belt. I can do pretty much anything that you see online and a big chunk of stuff in the real world too.

I love, love, love helping business owners build their brand and make strong friendships with their customers or clients or audience – whatever the cool kids are calling it these days.

Shannon Morrison.
Digital Guru
The things that bring in the ca-ching

What I can do for you

Think of me as the person you call when you’re lost in the sea of content production. When results aren’t happening the way you thought they would – or you’re struggling to deal with the number of enquires you’re getting now that you’re social media is taking off.

I focus on three main areas of digital magic:


From strategies, to tidy ups, to advice on what to do with the content you have and how to realign it so that it reaches your audience. I’ll help you put the right content in the right place and give you the tools and direction to make it as easy as possible.

Web Design

I can do everything from whole website redesigns, optimisation of existing pages or taking the strain off your site and giving it a speed boost. Be it a campaign, a new product, a launch of a course or just a nice good refresh of your old site

Social Media

Together we can put the social back in your online efforts. From identifying your key audience to building end to end strategies to get your business out in front of the people you need it to reach. We’ll work together to deliver your content to the world

redesign is the new black

New website coming

Just like a builders home is never really finished, we have been taking our time getting our new website up and running. We’ll be fully launched soon








ring ring, why don’t you give me a call

I love a good yarn

Can’t wait to browse the new site and check out everythign in detail – cool, let’s get personal. We can start with a chat about how I can help you and then take it from there

Reach out

Give us a call, or send us a message. If you’re out our way, drop in for a cuppa.

26 Invermay Grove,
Rosanna, VIC 3084

(+61) 0429 191 179

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